Winter Uniform                                Winter Uniform 


Red Beechwood sweatshirt with logo              Red Beechwood

White Shirt/ Polo Shirt                                 sweatshirt/ cardigan           

Grey/ Black trousers                                     

 Grey or black socks                                        White polo shirt

School shoes                                                    Grey/ Black Skirt/ Pinafore


                                                                         Grey/black trousers

                                                                                                     School shoes


Summer Uniform                       Summer Uniform 


White polo t-shirt                                              Red gingham dress

or white polo t-shirt with a red trim                  White socks

Grey or black trousers or shorts                       School shoes            

Grey or black socks

School shoes                                                           


No jewellery (except *watches) is allowed of any kind at any time. 

*Please note children are not to wear smart watches in school.          


PE Kits

The children will wear a red t-shirt and black shorts for P.E. lessons.  No footwear is worn for indoor lessons but trainers are required for outside lessons.

In colder weather, for outdoor lessons, children are encouraged to bring a tracksuit to keep themselves warm.
Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled.
Parents have the option to purchase both the embroided and non- embrioded uniform.
Non- embrioded can be purchased from Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and other Supermarkets.
You can also order from Touchline for embriodered uniform via: