De Bono


The essence of the CoRT Thinking Method is to focus attention directly on different aspects of thinking and to crystalline these aspects into definite concepts and tools that can be used deliberately.

The three basic principles underlying CoRT Thinking are as follows:
  •   Thinking is a skill that can be developed,
  •   Most practical thinking takes place in the perception stage.
  •   The tools method is used to teach thinking.
Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats is a practical thinking tool. It provides a framework to help people think clearly and thoroughly by directing their thinking attention in one direction at a time--white hat facts, green hat creativity, yellow hat benefits, black cautions, red hat feelings, and blue hat process.


It's a simple mental metaphor. Hats are easy to put on and to take off. Each hat is a different color which signals the thinking ingredient. In a group setting each member thinks using the same thinking hat, at the same time, on the same thinking challenge—we call this focused parallel thinking.


Six Thinking Hats is a powerful tool that facilitates productive: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. It enables each person's unique point of view to be included and considered. Argument and endless discussion become a thing of the past. Thinking becomes more thorough.